David Hooper

Author and Filmmaker

I'm an independent filmmaker, entrepreneur and proud father based in suburban Detroit.   In February of 2011 my life took an extraordinary turn with a simple question from a pop-up ad while innocently surfing the Internet.  Back then, I was a regular guy trying to live the American dream, with my high school sweetheart, raising three kids and number four on the way.


It started with a handful of questions about 9/11. That led to more questions which inspired more fact finding. After reading reports by leading architects and engineers, watching interviews with key witness accounts and archival footage of the events of that day, I completely changed my opinion of the official story.


This information pulled me into look deeper, I couldn’t stop researching. I tried talking about it, but felt like no one was listening. At the time, my soul mate didn’t even believe me . . . nor did my friends and family.


To preserve my sanity and save coveted relationships, I began assembling footage to visually relay what

I had found for my family and a couple of dear friends. This footage turned into the documentary The Anatomy of a Great Deception.


Since its premiere in September of 2014, AGD has been viewed by more than twenty million people globally, re-released as the Global Master Edition, translated into fourteen languages with bonus footage, brought forth a weekly radio show and now a book.


Your support has meant the world to me and I can only hope that you enjoy this book as much as I have enjoyed making it.


David 2017

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